• Michele Harvey

Poodle breeding

Poodle Club of America sets the standards for poodle conformation. American Kennel Club uses those standards when assessing competitors in the show ring.

Pet quality poodles come in various shapes and sizes, but all breeders should focus on dogs that will improve the breed - structure, temperament and health.

Well put together dogs who have been DNA screened, OFA certified and have been cleared by a veterinarian for breeding should be the top priority in any breeding program. In addition, a new test by UC Davis for breed diversity is helping breeders find the best dogs in terms of diversifying the gene pool. The goal of this project is to produce healthier dogs with greater longevity. Learn more at https://www.betterbred.com

Show quality poodles are squarely built as shown in the illustration. You can find the full details here: https://www.poodleclubofamerica.org

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